Head North Update v1.1

Welcome back!

Today marks the end of the second week for my update schedule, and I'm proud to announce that the latest version of Head North is ready for launch! (Mac v1.1 coming soon!) Below you will find the patch notes as well as pre-existing bugs. Thank you all for coming back and playing my game!

Head North Update Log:
- Adjusted Fell’s running sound so that it will now play more smoothly
- Fell now moves to the center of the most northern block, instead of on the edge
- You can no longer place rocks in icebergs when rotating and clicking quickly
- Left clicking after instantly placing a block will no longer interrupt the animation, nor will it cause movement stalls.
- Geysers now spawn & don’t overlap with ice bergs
- Cleaned up code
- Made Ambient Occlusion and shadows toggle-able in the main menu settings. (Only on Main Menu Settings)
- Added a camera fade in when first starting the game
- Changed lighting in the main menu & in-game. (This should mean better performance.)
- The game should now auto-detect screen size on launch, and should set it to be the default. (I only have 7 of the most common resolutions in use right now, so depending on your resolution, issues may appear.)
- Added current upgrade levels to the upgrade menu
- Added a confirmation screen to the reset button
- Improved Fell’s movement AI; he should always run when a block is placed, however this is one of the issues that is rare that still occurs.
- Remade the water, there is no longer a seam issue
- Added an optional grid to toggle in the main menu
- Adjusted particle effect
- Made sure geysers destroy placed blocks
- Implemented respawn powerup
- The previous issue I had with this powerup has been resolved, and I implemented a better 'respawn location detection' system
- Added power-ups that randomly spawn throughout gameplay
- Somehow, when resetting your game a CHEATER might confirm
- Added sounds to menu elements that didn’t previously have any

Remaining Known Rare issues:
- Fell doesn’t move along the bridge when a block is placed
- Iceberg will spawn with the incorrect rotations (this means you wont be able to place a block where you should)

Thank you all for reading, please REPLY to this thread, comment on the youtube video, or tweet at me!


Head North (v1.1) - Windows.rar (OLD) 155 MB
May 17, 2019
Head North (v1.1) - Linux.rar (OLD) 154 MB
May 17, 2019

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Hey hey! If you're going to be adjust your settings, try to do so in the Main Menu. I didn't update any part of the PAUSE settings, therefore if you confirm and save it will resize your game - When using the 3x3 rescue block, Fell doesn't move to it, but will move when you place another block. If Fell moves backwards, in the future I would like to add a mechanic that will pause the camera.