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Good day everyone! I figured I would start this dev log by saying thank you to the people who have already downloaded the game and have tried it. I am overjoyed to have had a great release! (Much better than the beta, I may add. That was an interesting one.)

Anyways, to the main point of this dev log. To inform you guys of future updates to the current game as is. If you have any feedback or requests, please respond with a comment! (I will give you my thoughts on the matter)

At this current moment, when I get back to developing I would like to:
- Improve the Geyser particle Effect
- Fix Geyser (I have had reports that they don't spawn)
- Work out a solution to the seams between procedurally generated meshes
- Add an optional low-opacity grid, which would be toggled in the settings (This may help some people center their mouse clicks, preventing misplaced blocks)
- Sometimes tutorial does not automatically play the first time around
- Implementation of a new powerup
- Display in Powerup menu showing your current upgrade levels
- Add a confirmation screen to reset button
- Auto-detect screen size and set the default to that in the settings. (Currently if you save, it always defaults to the smallest size)
- Make the game remember the resolution you set the game to in a previous session
- Smooth out the walking sound, as currently it can stutter.
- Character AI Optimization (Just to ensure Fell always moves when you place a block. Rarely he doesn't move at all.)
- Add more graphics options, such as shadows, ambient occlusion, etc in the settings. (This will help the game run better)
- Add randomly spawning powerups through the level while you play, so you can get powerups by shifting some earth through them. (This will make powerups more accessible for you all)
- Finally, I was planning on adding Microtransactions in the form of a shop where you can buy powerups in packs, but I would love to hear what you, who have played the game, think of this.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to connect with me on twitter! (Shameless game release tweet plug)

Added Character AI Optimization to the list of tweaks I would like to make

Added "Display in Powerup menu showing your current upgrade levels" to the list

Added "Fix Geyser (I have had reports that they don't spawn)"
Added "Add a confirmation screen to reset button"

Added "Sometimes tutorial does not automatically play the first time around"

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